About Us

The OSU Leadership Center is led by a group of professionals dedicated to providing leadership-centered education and research to individuals, families, organizations and communities. We provide high-quality practical programs to build and strengthen leadership capacities.

Created in 1990, the center is located on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University and is a part of the Departments of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership and OSU Extension.  Our mission is to provide “research-based resources and high quality practical programs to build and strengthen leadership capacities that make a positive difference in the lives of Ohio’s citizens.”

From the front line employee, to middle management and executive leadership, we address real problems that face individuals, organizations and companies.  The primary areas of focus for the Leadership Center include:

  • Leadership Development - Definitions of leadership most often include an element of influencing others.  The OSU Leadership Center offers professionally presented workshops that utilize various leadership frameworks, approaches, and techniques that enable individual leaders and managers to maximize their influence on others and transform groups and organizations.
  • Individual and Group Leadership Development and Assessments - Uncover the strengths and opportunities within employees or yourself as a leader or manager.  Successful leadership and management development programs first begin with self-analysis.  When individuals or groups understand behavior styles, preferences, and/or emotional & social intelligence then they have a roadmap for improved potential and enhanced communication. 
  • Team Development/Building - Team Development from start to finish-helping individuals learn how to improve their interpersonal effectiveness, minimize conflict, and support, challenge, and inspire their fellow team members.  This is achieved through the uncovering of a problem-solving, communication and conflict management styles, and help people work together to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Conflict Management - Employees at every level can get to the heart of what it takes to transform inevitable workplace conflicts into opportunities for innovation and, in the process, improve productivity and job satisfaction.  We help individuals and groups deal more effectively with clashes between co-workers, communication breakdowns, and power struggles.