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  1. "I really enjoyed your class and have used some of the items we discussed …it is great when we are in a meeting and someone mentions! We actually used  our strength finder themes for a poster we had to create representing our group!"

    Sandra Thompson, The Center for Family Safety and Healing

  2. We found the Spectrum Temperament Development program to be essential to building a strong team.  Beth Flynn did a wonderful job facilitating the program.  She is excellent at defining, in a non-threatening manner, how people view and approach both work and life. She transformed staff from viewing opposite personality characteristics as a negative into identifying those traits as key, positive strengths needed for the success of the team and business. This not only enhanced employee relationships but also provided our staff with key interpersonal skills which can be utilized within and outside the organization. This training has changed the culture of our company! Robyn M. Tate Human Resources/Community Relations Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc.

    Robyn M. Tate, Human Resources

  3. The StrengthsFinder Workshop was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.  And that view was shared by the other participants who gave us a lot of positive feedback.  One of the keys to the workshop is that the focus is on a person’s positive traits or talents and how we can use our strengths at work and even in our personal life. The handout material was helpful too.  We received a description of all the traits, including our top five, and a spreadsheet noting the strengths of the other participates.And best of all - Beth Flynn made it fun! Patricia Wherry, Human Resources Manager Del-Co Water Co., Inc.

    Patricia Wherry, Human Res. Mgr.

  4. I attended Beth Flynn’s Strength-Finder workshop about two year ago but continue to use the skills Beth taught in the class.  It is my desire to take another one of her classes, as I found the information and lessons learned apply to work as well as everyday life.  The materials were stream-line but well thought out and helpful.  And Beth is a gem – such an amazing instructor!  I didn’t know her before the class, but it turns out that we are from the same hometown and some of my family knows her and she knows who they are also.  It’s nice to know that a small town girl is making a big difference at the largest university in the country!I hope you will keep the option to attend this class open.  It was well worth the $60.  I met new people from all areas of campus and learned from those new friends too.Thank your department for offering workshops that enhance every area of our lives.  

    Janice M. Whitmire, Admin. Asst., OSU

  5. Life is busy.  The Leadership Moments are a refreshing breath of air.  The articles are brief, insightful and give us new ideas and suggestions of looking to strengthen our leadership skills.  Thank you!  

    Karen Dickrell