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  1. The Ohio Department of Transportation has taken advantage of the OSU 21st Century Leadership Series over the past two years to develop its leaders and improve their leadership skills. Participation in various offerings have provided a framework from which ODOT’s leaders build teams and more fully understand their team members.  Beth Flynn has skillfully led and conducted these workshops.  The benefits include enhanced leadership capabilities and highly productive teams.Specific offerings such as the Strength Finder Workshop, Spectrum Temperament Development, and Advanced Strength Development have been incorporated as offerings to ODOT’s Deputy Directors and Administrators.  When completed over 100 members of the ODOT Business & Human Resources (IT, Finance, HR, and Facilities & Equipment) Leadership Teams in Columbus, and District 4 (Akron, Canton and Youngstown) will have benefitted from the leadership workshops. These course offerings have improved our leaders’ capacities to help ODOT’s workforce become effective and efficient stewards of Ohio’s gas tax dollars.

    Dave Coyle, ODOT

  2. Leadership Minutes are used monthly with staff training in Orleans Parish.  I have also incorporated it into various leader training with local community groups.  Thanks for making them available!

    Beth Gambel, Orleans Parish 4-H Coordinator

  3. I read Leadership Moments regularly and I often bring up postings at our Marketing Meetings in the Center for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.  One particular posting talked of the Eight Commandments of Ideation, and I try to start every meeting with this mindset to avoid the stifling of creativity and new ideas.   Thank you so much for this service!

    Rebecca Bias, Assistant Director, CLLC

  4. I would like to continue receiving leadership moments as there are many helpful reminders and in some cases, new concepts within them that I can share with my leadership peers.  We incorporate what we find useful. 

    Renee Kimbell, Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor

  5. I have been on the mailing list for the leadership moments series for years.  It’s amazing how often the topic that is addressed is just the right information I needed that day.  I always find something useful I can apply in my work managing a team in educational technology.  

    Eva Bradshaw, Director, Fisher College of Business