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  1. I am writing to endorse the “Leadership Moments” that I only recently started receiving approximately 6 months ago as a participant of our Leadership Guernsey program. I have been in administration for the past decade and have learned much over the years. However, the more I learn the more I realize that I have much to learn. These emails help me reflect on my actions independently and when working with others both within my agency and in the public. I should note that I receive multiple emails throughout the day that I barely skim through let alone read. However, this is one email that I take the time to read;  reflect upon and often times, share with my colleagues. I hope that it continues to be available in the future!

    Rainy Oliver, Director, Guernsey Counseling Center

  2. Beth Flynn’s workshop on Strengths Finder that I attended was well structured and interactive with other participants.  I was ready to learn more after the session and even asked what’s next.

    Frank Gibson, Program Manager

  3. As an HR Manager of a large automotive company, I frequently forward the OSU Leadership tips onto our supervisory staff.  Although a lot of times the content may seem basic or common sense like, it is good for people to take a moment and think about themselves and how their leadership is perceived by those they supervise.

    Kim Schumm, HR Manager, Alex Products Inc.

  4. I’ve been receiving OSU Leadership “Link” since paper copies circa 2003~ always found them thought provoking and interesting.  And they’re often helpful and entertaining~ ie the “Ubuntu Philosophy”.  I look forward to your “e-Moments” because they’re short and sweet.  Even read a couple book suggestions!  Tips often just seem to be “on-time” delivery for that office moment!  This is one email that often leaves a positive emotional wake!  Thanks, and here’s to the Moment~ 

    Holly Hambric, Extension Education Assistant

  5. Have subscribed to Leadership Moments for MANY years – for inspiration, for reflection, for sharing.  The short articles often prompt me to look for a resource and read more.  I’ve “collected” favorites and file by subject – handy reminders of things I want to practice or aspire to.

    Christine Kniep, Family Living Educator