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  1. My first affiliation with the OSU Leadership Center was through Beth Flynn as a facilitator at an off-site StrenghtsFinders session in 2013 for our group of HR professionals from across the state.  Beth did a phenomenal job in presenting the information, engaging the group and linking the information to practical applications back at their work locations.  The session went so well that within a few weeks, we engaged the OSU Leadership Center, through Beth to explore a session for one of our employee groups.  We are also now working with the Center for another session, on a different topic for another HR group meeting.  This session was highly recommended by one of our members who was thrilled about the session she attended. I've been impressed by the knowledge shown, skill in presenting, ability to engage the attendees and the professionalism shown by Beth Flynn with the OSU Leadership Center.  We're looking forward to more collaboration with the Center and her, in particular!

    Imogen Johnson, Human Resources Director

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of co-facilitating numerous Strength workshops with Beth. She is a passionate facilitator who has a knack of bringing material to life through her enthusiasm, energy and knowledge, while leaving participants wanting to learn more about the subject matter. Beth has a unique ability to connect with everyone in the audience through her sincerity, strong communication skills and desire to educate all participants. I’ve learned so much from working with Beth. It’s always a delight!!

    Lisa McCurdy, Education & Employement Manager

  3. I do enjoy reading your Leadership Moments. I often print and post them by my computer. They provide me the opportunity to reflect during a busy day. Thank you.

    Reshma Desai

  4. I would like to offer my testimonial about receiving Leadership Moments. I am a huge fan. I really enjoy that introduce me to new books on leadership. The suggested books have been amazing and I feel that they have helped me look at issues in a whole new manner and honed my leadership skills to make me into the type of leader who people want to follow. Thank you for the services you offer.

    Marie Robinette, Central Ohio Trauma System

  5. I have been an avid reader of the OSU Leadership Moments for many years now.  I always try and read every submission.  I find the topics thought provoking and relevant.  In today’s hectic world there is always more information and external stimulus trying to gain one’s attention that there is time to consume.  The information presented in the Leadership Moments helps me grow as a person and as a leader and therefor continue to make a habit of reading every submission.

    Dave Celek, GM of Rimrock Corporation