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  1. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I was afraid the strength finders would point out my weaknesses.  But in fact the training helps me understand my natural inclination of how I interact with others because of my strengths.  It was a positive training, and I better understand why I do things my way and why others rely on their own natural styles.

    Vicki Schwartz

  2. Whenever I need a "go-to" person for a lively and timely individualized development program, I go to Beth Flynn!  Her leadership training talents have been a resource for my students and colleagues for many years.  Most recently, she led a StrenghFinders workshop for the entire Graduate Programs team at Fisher College of Business.  She helped us to acknowledge our unique differences and how we could best use our individualized strengths to perform our jobs and work well together as a cohesive team.  I will definitely reach out to Beth again in the future.

    Nancy K. Lahmers, OSU Fisher College of Business

  3. Beth Flynn’s Leadership Moments provide very helpful leadership insights.  They are short, so I read them even when I am busy, and they reference a quality leadership resource so I can delve further into the topic when I wish.  They raise my knowledge and practice of leadership excellence.

    Cathie Leimbach, Agon Leadership

  4. I am a graduate of two leadership programs, and I helped to co-found one and improve another. The information that I have been getting from the OSU Leadership Moments has proved invaluable. There are some leaders that like to read about the ways one can improve and I like to have that information on hand to help encourage that particularly among young people. I forward the information to people I know who are grateful and I feel good about having done so. Thanks for this wonderful service!

    Paul Bernheimer, Leadership Cincinnati

  5. Beth Flynn came out to the Newark campus to do a Civility workshop. It was very helpful and because of that I learned about Leadership Moments and signed up for them. I usually find something useful in each segment. Very informative, concise, please continue!

    Terri Jackson, OSU Chemistry Lab Supervisor