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It takes intention, time and resources to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Your organization has the ability to achieve an immediate and long-term return on investment: AgOne will strengthen your board member(s) to effectively lead your organization. It will: 

  • Position people for next level leadership opportunities 
  • Put organizational leaders in position to lead transformational industry change

The cost per participant is $3,000 which covers expenses for assessments, coaching, workshops, etc. Participants should dedicate ~80 hours of time over a 12-month program. 


Each individual will participate in a series of virtual and in-person sessions during which they will learn from self-assessments, participate in learning sessions, network with a peer group and industry experts, and participate in individual coaching. Six sessions over a 1-year period are designed to build the individual’s skills, self-awareness and enhance their ability to influence and affect real change through board leadership.  

  • Show your leaders they are valued 
  • Prepare successful people for more impactful, meaningful service 
  • Change the culture of diversity within your organization and the industry 
  • Help you plan for board succession 
  • “Move the needle” on issues that are important to your organization and members 


Every participant in AgOne will receive individual and group instruction designed to help them break through barriers and make their greatest possible impact. Upon completion, each AgOne leader will: 

  • Earn a Foundational Leadership Certificate from the OSU Leadership Center  
  • Develop and act on a leadership plan based on their leadership skill profile and board aspirations  
  • Identify leadership skills in which to further develop strengths and manage weaknesses 
  • Reflect upon their personal leadership profile and how others view their leadership skills 
  • Enact a leadership plan with assistance from a program facilitator 
  • Strengthen their network within and around the agriculture industry 
  • Gain a better grasp of board effectiveness and their ability to lead within the context of a board structure 

The AgOne Leader Profile 

An AgOne leader is a current or ex officio member of your board of directors or trustees or an individual aspiring to further board engagement. They have already participated in previous leadership programs, such as LAUNCH, Young Farmers & Ranchers or AgriPOWER. In addition, an AgOne leader has the following traits: 

  • Interest in working for the betterment of Ohio agriculture before their own self-interests 
  • Interest in advancing to higher leadership positions 
  • Open to constructive feedback and learning for personal growth 
  • Able to commit the time necessary to participate 
  • Has a vision for agriculture and self-driven 
  • Has experience with other leadership programs 
  • Wonders, “What’s next in my service to this organization or agriculture?”

Program Features

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