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By: Beth Flynn, Tuesday, March 02nd, 2021
  1. “Provides frequent feedback. Employees (especially younger ones) live in a world where most feedback is instantaneous. They expect it and will wilt and underperform without it.
  2. Generates opportunities for reality advice. We all have blind spots – weaknesses that we don’t see in ourselves – and reality advice helps your employees to grow in self-awareness.
  3. Offers encouragement. Strong leaders often forget to praise and encourage those who report to them. Coach and connect provides an opportunity to encourage your team.
  4. Builds relationships. Even though you may work together all day, you might not discuss the most important things that motivate your team members. 
  5. Fosters career advice and mentorship. Coach and Connect is the time when you can pass on what you’ve learned to someone else, helping them grow to be better employees and human beings (269-270).”

From: Throness, T. (2017). The power of people skills: how to eliminate 90% of your hr problems and dramatically increase team and company morale and performance. Wayne, NJ: Career Press.

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