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By:Beth Flynn, Friday, April 05th, 2019

Dr. Emily Buck, Co-Director of the OSU Leadership Center and professor at Ohio State, says that her best leadership advice is “be willing to continue to learn from those around you”.  

Buck has been fortunate to experience this kind of positive mentorship on a personal level throughout her professional journey through her friend and mentor Kris Boone, director of Ohio State ATI.  

“She was the department chair in Agricultural Communication for a long time at Kansas State and was one of the only female faculty members in Agricultural Communication for quite a while,” Buck said. “I have always looked up to her, and she’s someone that I still reach out to periodically.” 

Buck has enjoyed additional recent opportunities which have allowed her to further develop as a leader, including a national leadership program for faculty in agricultural colleges. She also enjoys reading books and blogs to sharpen her knowledge, and has several colleagues that she meets with regularly to share ideas.  

Buck said that she has always enjoyed finding ways to encourage others and help them reach their full potential, and she enjoys seeing this passion come to life both in the classroom and at the Leadership Center. In the classroom, Buck loves getting to know students and watching them succeed in the variety of paths that they pursue after graduation. In her role at the Leadership Center, Buck has enjoyed being a part of re-branding and re-organizing, both in a visual/design sense and in terms of organizational structure.  

“We’re continually honing our skill sets and what we offer to create a better product for those around us,” Buck said.  

One quality Buck believes every leader should possess is humility. She stressed the importance of recognizing when you may not be the best person to carry out a specific task, and being willing to help find that person on your team during those times to ensure that everyone is successful.  

She added that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and letting others step up allows us to observe their unique skills and talents and appreciate them even more.  


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