The Five Practices and Ten Commitments of Exemplary Leadership

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By:Beth Flynn, Monday, July 28th, 2014

Model the Way

  • Clarify values by finding your vice and affirming shared values.
  • Set the example by aligning actions with shared values.

Inspire a Shared Vision

  • Envision the future by imagining exciting and enabling possibilities.
  • Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations.

Challenge the Process

  • Search for opportunities by seizing the initiative and looking outward for innovation.
  • Experiment and take risks by constantly generating small wins and learning from experience.

Enable Others to Act

  • Foster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships.
  • Strengthen others by increasing self-determination and developing competence. 

Encourage the Heart

  • Recognize contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence.
  • Celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit of community. (p. 29)

How do you demonstrate the five practices of exemplary leadership?

What is one of the ten leadership commitments that you will practice this week?


From: Kouzes, J. and Posner, B. (2012) The leadership challenge: how to make extraordinary things happen in organizations.  John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ.  

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