The Ten Most Important Traits of High Performance Teams

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By:Beth Flynn, Tuesday, June 04th, 2019


  1. "Synergy: Team members complement each other's strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral preferences.
  2. Commitment: Team members are fully committed to the team's success, and they are willing to sacrifice their egos for the good of the team.
  3. Constructive Contention: The toughest challenges and issues are put on the table and debated vigorously.
  4. Accountability: Even though there is usually a designated leader, team leadership is often shared. Team members hold each other accountable, challenge and help each other, and are deeply concerned about their teammates.
  5. Purpose: The team develops shared goals, purpose, and core values aligned with stakeholder needs.
  6. Rewards: The team shares in significant rewards for achieving their goals and even bigger rewards for exceeding expectations.
  7. Transparency: Communication is fluid and transparent, and all information is shared openly and candidly.
  8. Collaboration: Team members exude a 'we are stronger than me' attitude by breaking down silos, working across functional boundaries, and proactively tapping into each other's strengths.
  9. Growth Mindset: there is a growth mindset grounded in curiosity.
  10. Ownership: The entire team feels a joint sense of ownership for their collective results and they behave like owners (p. 51-52)."


From: Rake, J. (2018). The bridge to growth: how servant leaders achieve better results and why it matters more than ever. New York: Skyhorse Publishing.

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