Responsible Leaders are Open, Confident Yet Humble

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By:Beth Flynn, Tuesday, July 19th, 2016
From: Richardson, T. (2015).  The responsible leader: developing a culture of responsibility in an uncertain world.  London:  Kogan Page.
 "Responsible leaders are open, confident yet humble.  Moreover, they have personal resilience that comes from this.  Individuals who demonstrate inner strength and personal resilience are able to draw on their personal assuredness from a clear sense of their identity.  This leads to an inner confidence.  However, when this is not balanced with sober self-assessment or mature emotional intelligence, it becomes skewed and egocentric.  It also closes people to other perspectives as these kinds of leader begin to believe their own propaganda and narrative and exclude others' perspectives. 
Being truly open is a mindset and orientation.  It says to others that you are approachable and receptive - receptive to the possibility of new ideas, of fresh thinking, of criticism or coaching.  The ability to work collaboratively with others sets apart responsible leaders and to do so effectively requires this orientation; for example, knowing that I will get an appreciative reception when I bring a new way of working to the boss allows me to feel confidence in the first place (p. 38-39)."
What ways do you demonstrate being a responsible leader?


Tue, 07/19/2016 - 10:42am -- Beth Flynn

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