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The Elements of Empathy

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By:Beth Flynn, Tuesday, September 01st, 2020

"Daniel Goleman discovered the five elements of empathy which are as follows,

  1. Understanding others: this is the most important concept of empathy which is understanding. The ability to sense others' feelings and perspectives and taking active participation to deal with that.
  2. Developing others: Developing others mean put some action on their needs and concerns and help them to develop their internal power and potential by motivating them. People who have masters in the skills of empathy will reward and praise people to build strength in them, support them in their downfall and accomplished them to develop and realize their full potential.
  3. Service orientation: The main aim of service orientation is to put the needs of the customer first and find out the ways to give a satisfactory solution to bring and loyalty.
  4. Leveraging diversity: leveraging diversity means the ability to create and develop the opportunity through people of a different kind by recognizing the ability and opportunity to celebrate it on the same point table. 
  5. Political awareness: one of the most important elements of empathy is political awareness. You may also have thought that political skills are manipulative. But you might be wrong in that it is simply a skill of understanding and sensing the emotions of a group of people and effectively respond to them (p. 38-39)."

From: Bradberry, B. (2020).  Emotional intelligence: develop empathy and increase your emotional agility for leadership, improve your social skills to be successful at work and discover why it can matter more than iq/eq 2.0 [Kindle version].  Retrieved from

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Tue, 09/01/2020 - 4:15am -- Beth Flynn

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