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Kindness Stops the Madness

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By:Beth Flynn, Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

"Kindness is the answer because our world is so busy and intense. Inevitably, that can lead to short tempers, burnout, increasing anger, and defensive debates. Witnessing kindness brings renewed hope in humanity in the face of jadedness. Kindness keeps us sane when the demands of juggling work and relationships put us on edge and fill us with the urge to lash out.

We can cause irreparable damage when we are unkind, which can lead to becoming numb or unsympathetic - something none of us can afford. We all have the ability to 'stop the madness' by being purposefully kind.

Kindness added to any endeavor is a magnet for positivity and a cure for the inevitable side effects of stress. Kindness is an anchor to the soul and the universal language of hope for the billions on the planet searching for meaning. Kindness is inclusive. Kindness displays unity. Kindness is beneficial for all and is mandatory for those who are seeking true success, no matter the goal. Kindness is the gateway to new relationships and opportunities. Kindness is what the world needs now more than ever (p. 23-24)."

From: Bankert, A. (2020). Your hidden superpower: the kindness that makes you unbeatable at work and connects you with anyone. Nashville: Harper Collins Leadership.

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Tue, 09/29/2020 - 5:21am -- Beth Flynn

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