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By:Beth Flynn, Tuesday, December 08th, 2020

“Time is a language of love. When we take time with someone, it demonstrates that they are important. One of the most valuable resources any of us has is our time. And when we take the time to invest in others, we are showing them that they matter to us. But because time is such a precious commodity, we must be judicious and intentional with it.

I am not talking about wasting time shooting the breeze. Few of us can afford that. I am talking about slowing down enough so that we become sensitive to the opportunities to invest our time wisely in our team members. A word of encouragement spoken at just the right time, when a colleague or direct report is struggling with a difficult task, can be immensely uplifting. Expressing, in the moment, appreciation for an expenditure of discretionary effort can fuel performance (p. 324-325).”

From: Ross, R. (2019). Relationomics: business powered by relationships. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books

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Tue, 12/08/2020 - 5:31am -- Beth Flynn

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