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By:Beth Flynn, Wednesday, January 04th, 2023

Happy New Year!  Take a few moments to reflect on the questions posed below.  You have the opportunity to change your life and the impact you have on others.  

  1. “Am I content with my life right now?
  2. Am I happy with the direction I am going?
  3. Do I belong to a meaningful organization?
  4. Am I contributing in a positive way to society?
  5. Am I in meaningful relationships?
  6. Do I contribute to my relationships in a positive way and for the betterment of others?
  7. Have I been successful with my life so far?
  8. Do I have a sense of purpose?
  9. Do I look forward to the future?
  10. Do I feel ashamed in any of the areas listed in the above questions?
  11. Can I be completely open and honest with those around me?
  12. Am I vulnerable and transparent in my closest relationships?
  13. Am I presenting a false self to others?
  14. Do I feel the tendency to wear masks around others?
  15. Are there things I hide from others?
  16. Am I afraid of something in my life coming out into the open?
  17. Are there things in my life I am choosing not to deal with?
  18. Are there things in my life I need to change or get rid of?
  19. Do I feel the need to impress others?
  20. Do I worry about or am I overly concerned with what people think about me (p. 136-137).”

From: Causey, C. (2021). Candor: the secret to succeeding at tough conversations. (e-book edition). Chicago: Northfield Publishing.

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Wed, 01/04/2023 - 8:55am -- Beth Flynn

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