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By:Beth Flynn, Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
"Abundance encourages people to bring all of themselves - their passions, their creativity, and their talents - to work.  It creates a context for joy at work.  Abundance provides the opportunity for people to express themselves more fully at work.  A leader creates abundance when he provides for employees to engage in the work that inspires them.  A leader creates abundance when he connects the employee's efforts to a broader purpose.  As workers, we all want to build cathedrals, not just lay bricks.  Abundance is when we can look up from our brick-laying and see the cathedral that will result from our collective efforts.
Don't misunderstand, abundance does not mean that companies are making additional demands of workers, it means that organizations provide for workers so they can bring their best to their jobs (p. 9)."
What are some ideas you have to help build abundance at work?
From:  Brower, T. (2014).  Bring work to life by bring life to work: a guide for leaders and organizations.  Bibliomotion,
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Wed, 05/18/2016 - 1:15pm -- Beth Flynn

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