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By:Beth Flynn, Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
"Not one of us is free of it.  We all have moments when we question our ability to succeed and our ability to make good decisions.  Why? Because we can't know the future.  Winners feel doubt just as often as anybody else.  They understand you have to earn success.  They know you can't be haphazard if you want to make progress toward your most important goals.  These truths inevitably lead to questions about their ability to succeed.
If you aren't on guard, though, those moments can expand and can kill your spirit.  They can demoralize.  They can give us a faulty perspective.  They can distract us and disrupt our forward momentum.  They can waste our precious time.  The clock is ticking and you can spend your time worrying and doubting or you can spend your time working.
When you allow doubt to send you into a tailspin of indecision and hesitation, you invite fear.  You grind to a halt.  All work stops, and with no work, you have no hope (p. 14-15)."  


From:  Weidel, L. (2015).  Serial winner: five actions to create your cycle of success.  Austin, TX:Greenleaf Book Group Press.
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Wed, 05/18/2016 - 1:23pm -- Beth Flynn

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