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By:Beth Flynn, Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
"Today, take a good old-fashioned recess in the middle of the day.  Go ahead and do your hardest or most dreaded work - or whatever you need to do - but after about sixty or ninety minutes of focused attention, honor your ultradian rhythms and take a break.  Rest.

What do you find relaxing or rejuvenating?  Is there an article you've been wanting to read for fun?  Does your most vivid fantasy involve a nap?  Do you want to spend a few minutes looking at pictures of pretty living rooms on Pinterest?  Perhaps you long to go outside into the great outdoors and let the sun shine on your face.  Just do it.  The only rule is what you do during recess must be restful or playful; it can't be 'instrumental' in any way.  Anything that you have to do anyway (shower, eat lunch) doesn't count, and neither does anything that exists on a to-do list anywhere.
Have fun (p. 50)."
What is one fun thing you are willing to commit to do to take a recess at work?
From:  Carter, C.; (2015).  The sweet spot: how to find your groove at home and work.  New York: Ballantine Books


Wed, 09/28/2016 - 11:51am -- Beth Flynn

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