FIRST RUN FRIDAYS Leading from Wherever You Are

Nov 1, 2019, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Thursday, October 24, 2019
$50 ($180 for all 4 workshops)
Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Building 2201 Fred Taylor Drive, Columbus, OH 43210
Sarah Chain

Influence is a skill that allows us to reach our greatest success.  Influence allows us to make an impact or change on any situation.  According to SmartBrief, “You do not need position or authority or power to influence others, but you need influence to gain position, authority and power in your organization.” 

You may be seen as a leader in your team, even if you don’t have leader in your job title.  In addition to influence, leaders need to build positive relationships with others at all levels of the organization.  Leading your boss is being aware of what is important to her/him, and helping to achieve the goals of your team. It’s easy when you have a strong relationship with your boss and much harder when you don’t. You gain the respect of those you supervise when you coach and guide them to being their best.  Helping to build your peers, and building a relationship of trust a way to lead sideways.

This workshop will focus on the relationships you have at all levels of your organization.  Participants will share experiences, tips and ideas for increasing their influence at work.



•           Identify what it means to lead up, down and sideways.

•           Learn ways to deal with difficult people.

•           Discover ways to increase their influence at all levels of the organization.