Leadership During COVID-19

The “Leadership During COVID-19” webinar series is complimentary to fellow professionals through the OSU Leadership Center. We discussed a wide range of topics and the recordings have been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

This series has concluded. All recordings have been posted on our YouTube channel.

Leadership During COVID-19

Past workshops in this series... 

Complimentary Individual and Business Coaching 

We will now be offering a complimentary individualized one-on-one coaching for professionals and their businesses. From there, we can listen and discuss your personal needs and concerns in order to customize an approach to maximize positive results. 

We understand and are able to relate to you during this stressful and unsettling time. Allow us to assist and support you. Our team of qualified experts are dedicated to providing leadership-based education and research to all.

More than ever, we are accessible, affordable, and accountable.

Contact Beth Flynn, Flynn.61@osu.edu, for additional information and to sign up for this limited time offer.

Dealing with Stress Using Your Strengths

Have you participated in one of our StrengthsFinder workshops? If so, you qualify for a complimentary 30 minute one-on-one coaching session. Beth Flynn, a certified Gallup Strengths coach, will cover how to utilize your strengths, identified within the session, to best handle stress during these uncertain times. 

Contact Beth Flynn, Flynn.61@osu.edu, for additional information. 

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