Perfomance Management and Coaching

Feb 24, 2014, 9:00am - 3:30pm
2120 Fyffe Rd. Room 105
Jody Termeer

Performance management is a systematic process for improving and sustaining human performance throughout organizations. Much more than the "annual review", performance management involves an integrated approach to planning, coaching and feedback, and performance review. Ideally, coaching and feedback should be a major focus of your effort as a supervisor. Effective coaching includes not only developing the desired behaviors in others around us, but also understanding the emotions that drive those behaviors. As a coach, you can make the difference between employees reaching their full potential or remaining stagnant in their roles. This workshop focused on coaching and performance management is a great place to develop and/or strengthening your skills as a supervisor. This training will provide a professional development opportunity for supervisors to develop skills towards supporting performance management as an important and positive part of the workplace.

Through group discussion and interactive activities, participants will:

(1) explore key concepts related to performance management with a focus on conducting performance reviews and setting performance goals;

(2) practice planning a performance discussion and writing performance goals for an employee (3) describe coaching competencies and specific techniques needed to successfully coach others; and

(4) have an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with colleagues.


Jeff King and Graham Cochran are facilitating this workshop.

Cost: $125 per participant and includes lunch and refreshments.. To register and make payment, please click here.