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Empower Others

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 9:36am -- Beth Flynn

"In the twenty-first century, the managers who create the most value are those who best empower others.

As a manager, your ultimate task is to hire, motivate and develop leaders for your enterprise. You serve your enterprise - and your customers - most effectively by empowering your team to unlock their potential, individually and in combination with others.

Admitting Your Flaws Builds Trust

Tue, 06/09/2020 - 8:09am -- Beth Flynn

"One of the key components of the vulnerability decision is the willingness to openly acknowledge and then embrace your flaws. This can be very difficult because, again many leaders perceive this as a kind of weakness. They believe this will make them seem fallible, and thus they will lose their authority and respect. But if done in the right way, being open about one's imperfections has the opposite effect, and the best leaders know how to do this.

The One Percent Rule

Tue, 06/02/2020 - 8:41am -- Beth Flynn

"The rule says to give one percent more time, energy, effort, focus, and care today than you did the day before. Obviously, you can't calculate one percent, but you can push yourself more today than you did yesterday. You can improve and get better today. You can strive for excellence and work to become your best. You can tune out distractions and focus even more on what matters most (p. 205)."

From: Gordon, J. (2017). The power of positive leadership: how and why positive leaders transform teams and organizations and change the world. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley and Sons.

Strive to be Self-Aware and Coachable

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 12:19pm -- Beth Flynn

"Self-awareness means knowing what you're good at and what you're not. It means you don't hide your flaws or cover up your mistakes. You don't pretend to know it all. It means you practice humility and embrace learning. Not only do transparency and vulnerability help people like and trust you, they set the right example for other leaders and employees. When everyone is willing to take risks, learn from mistakes, and seek out opportunities to learn and grow, organizations thrive.

Seven Dimensions of Intelligent Leadership

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 10:39am -- Beth Flynn
  1. "Thinking Differently, Thinking Big
  2. The Vulnerability Decision
  3. Having a Mindset of Entitlement versus a Mindset of Duty
  4. Leveraging Your Gifts and Addressing Your Gaps
  5. Having the Courage to Execute with Pride, Passion, and Precision
  6. Staying Present and Being Vigilant
  7. Course Correction (p. 86)."

From:  Mattone, J (2020). The intelligent leader: unlocking the 7 secrets to leading others and leaving your legacy. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

10 Principles of Twenty-First Century Leadership

Tue, 05/05/2020 - 10:50am -- Beth Flynn
  1. "Everybody can lead, because anyone can serve.
  2. The most valuable resource of any enterprise is its people.
  3. We are in transition from a transaction-based world to a relationship-based world.
  4. Leadership is a relationship between empowered, consenting adults.
  5. Leadership is a dynamic relationship.
  6. There is no universal leadership style.
  7. Leadership roles are converging.
  8. A leader's unique task is to imagine and advance a vision.
  9. Love is the highest level of leadership relationship.

Leading with Compassion

Tue, 04/28/2020 - 10:26am -- Beth Flynn

"Not just as leaders but as human beings, fostering empathy is important because it inspires one of the most powerful motivations we have: compassion, or acting with the intention to help reduce the pain of others. Empathy is a potent way to develop inner strength. If we don't see the pain of others, or we refuse to acknowledge it, we won't act to help them. This squanders our power, or our ability to transform the world. With compassion, we can do the opposite. We can use our power for good works.

Are You Making Your Unique Contribution?

Tue, 04/21/2020 - 12:29pm -- Beth Flynn

"This question is vital - and often unsettling. It has several aspects.

Most importantly, are you making a unique contribution, serving better than anyone else?

When you ask individuals if they, or their company, or their team can serve better than anyone else, more than a few become noticeably uncomfortable. Some are concerned that they cannot meet such a standard. Others regard it immodest to make such a claim.


Tue, 04/14/2020 - 10:14am -- Beth Flynn

"A leader serves by inspiring those she serves with a vision of the future which is compelling, achievable and provides a context for understanding their ongoing experiences. Such a vision connects the employees and customers.

In addition to a vision - which may be enterprise-wide - there is clarity of mission. Mission is the down-to-earth linchpin fusing individuals' daily work into enterprise accomplishment.

If vision is the sine qua non of a leader, mission is the fundamental focus of the manager.


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