Jerry Thomas, Ph.D.

Jerry Thomas, Ph.D.
Leader for Innovation and Change
Agricultural Administration Building

Jerry Thomas is the Leader for Innovation and Change for Ohio State University Extension.
Jerry has previously been the Director of the OSU Extension Center at Lima, a District and Regional Director, District Specialist and County Extension Agent. Prior to that he was a regional planner in Defiance, Ohio. He has degrees in American Studies and Geography from The University of Toledo and Extension Education from The Ohio State University.
Jerry has presented at various conferences and meetings and is the technical board member of the Journal of Extension. He is the president elect of the Ohio chapter of ESP and a former Vice-President of the Ohio Extension Agents' Association.
Jerry's specialization areas include technology literacy, future studies and organizational development, and local economic development.  He blogs on future trends affecting Extension and Outreach at:

Jerry lives in not so sunny north-central Ohio with his wife Rachel, two kids and two dogs.