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  1. Software Evaluations

    index.  Export of comparative data into Excel is easy, but some data manipulation is required within Excel ...

  2. 2012

    159(1): 239-250. Li, B. L.V. Madden  and Xu, X.-M.  2012.  An alternative SADIE local clustering index for ...

  3. Presentations

      Temporal dynamics of Asian soybean rust as influenced by leaf area index. Poster. E. N. MOREIRA (1), F. X. ...

  4. Madden Publications

    local clustering index for studying spatial patterns. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3: 368-377. doi: ...

  5. 2006

    Arthropod Management Tests. ( Win, J., Kanneganti, T., Torto-Alalibo, T., ...