Applying Your Strengths @ Work

"Mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu

You have attended a CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder)  awareness workshop (requirement for this workshop)

You may be wondering how can you apply your strengths at work.  Have you given any thought about how focusing on your strengths allows you to unleash your highest potential, leading you to be happier at work and more productive.

Weakness fixing only prevents failure, but strengths-building leads to success – Gallup. 

You may be wondering how to utilize your strengths to make a personal and positive contribution to your organization. 

The Gallup organization has found through its research that:

People who know their talents and use them at work are…

  •        6 times as likely to be engaged in their jobs
  •        3 times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life
  •        7.8% greater productivity

There has never been, and there will never be, in the history of this earth, another person exactly like you? (Mister Rogers) No one else has the exact same strengths, background or experiences as you.  You can make a positive contribution every day at work by using your strengths.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Identify how each of your strengths helps you make a positive impact at work
  • Gain new skills to help enhance and reinforce your strengths at work
  • Select responsibilities that through your top strengths you can help your team reach its highest potential