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Increasing Sales Using Strengths

"Those who follow the part of themselves that is great will become great.” – Meng Tzu

Do you consider yourself to be a “natural born” salesperson?  Research shows that when you build on your strengths, you get the best sales response.  Capitalizing on what you do well (your strengths) drives sales performance.  Developing your strengths takes time, talent, skills and knowledge. 

A successful salesperson has the ability to build relationships with prospects.  By building complementary partnerships with others on their sales team, the two of you can be stronger by combining your strengths together.  Using the strengths you have can launch you into successful sales opportunities.

Participants can expect to gain knowledge about:

  • Overcoming the reluctance to calling prospects
  • Utilizing your Strengths to improve sales performance
  • Steps for Building Relationships
  •  Increasing Your Chances for Success Using your Strengths


To participate in this workshop, you must have attended a StrengthsFinder awareness workshop