Leading Strengths-Based Teams

This advanced strengths-based workshop (must have attended a CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) awareness workshop), will help teams go further in understanding how their strengths help the team achieve success.  Our individual talents help influence how a team cooperates and communicates to reach success.  The more that teams collaborate and utilize the partnerships when strengths are combined can move a good team to a great one. 

No one person works in a silo, therefore, we need to together, by tapping into each person’s strengths.  Finding teammates who have strengths that complement yours, and you can team up together, you will accomplish more than if you work independently.

Participants in this advanced strengths workshop will:

  • Increase their awareness of building strengths-based teams
  • Gain awareness for individual and team efforts focusing on strengths
  • Apply strengths based principles to strengthen the team