Strengths-Based Management and Supervision

“A manager’s role may be the most complicated and most important role in any organization.” –Gallup

The best supervisors and managers have a keen awareness of their strengths.  These managers model behavior  by partnering with someone whose strengths complements theirs in a way that together they are more productive. “The most successful knows how to best direct their dominant talents to engage the hearts, minds, and talents of their employees.” – Gallup 

There is no certain strengths or set of strengths that create an effective manager.  The best managers and supervisors figure out how to bring out the best of each employees’ strengths.

Participation in a previous CliftonStrengths awareness workshop is required. 

This information can expand the manager’s ability to build their work team by selecting the right person for the right position, set high expectations for team achievement, engage employees so they are motivated to be successful, and finally through coaching and workshops, develop each member be active participants on the team. 

This workshop will enable supervisors and managers to:

  • Appreciate their personal strengths in their role as a leader of a team
  • Gain a better understanding  and appreciation of  the strengths of their team members 
  • Build upon the team’s strengths to create a stronger team