Managing Multiple Generations



Our current workplace has at least three generations working together, and sometimes five generations. Each generation has unique characteristics, strengths and values that are a result of the shared historical events that occurred during their generation. It is important to learn about each generation, to help avoid workplace conflict.

The impact of a multigenerational workplace has a tremendous impact on the success of the organization. Positively, the combination of the different generations allows for new ideas, technology and solutions to workplace issues.

When organizations fail to understand the generational differences, it has a huge impact on many levels. From lower performance to higher turnover rates are just a few issues an organization may face. A better understanding of each generation, its workplace needs and how each generation can effectively interact in the workplace can minimize some of the negative impacts on organizational performance

Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify the five generations, and describe the characteristics of each generation.
  • Describe and consider the work place environment that each generation prefers.
  • Compare the communication styles of each generation and identify strategies for effective communication in the workplace.