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Beth Flynn

You are truly inspirational in your approach, and I credit you with helping me create and grow my new business.  Any time you need a reference, let me know; you've got it!

Workshop Participant

Beth did a great job with facilitating and presenting, the audience was very engaged. 

Workshop Participant

Whenever I need a "go-to" person for a lively and timely individualized development program, I go to Beth Flynn!  Her leadership training talents have been a resource for my students and colleagues for many years.  Most recently, she led a StrenghFinders workshop for the entire Graduate Programs team at Fisher College of Business.  She helped us to acknowledge our unique differences and how we could best use our individualized strengths to perform our jobs and work well together as a cohesive team.  I will definitely reach out to Beth again in the future.

Nancy K. Lahmers, OSU Fisher College of Business

Beth is a welcoming facilitator who listens well so that she can help each participant gain new skills while strengthening those that are positive.  With advance notice, she can tailor her presentation to assist the group focusing on skills that are most beneficial.   She wants each person to grow and deliberately designs her workshops to involve all.  No one can be a wallflower in Beth’s workshops.

Vicki Schwartz

Beth Flynn is a great asset to The Ohio State University.  Her expertise in “Know Your Strengths” is outstanding, as is her willingness to share her passion and knowledge with members of the University community to develop and provide growth for both staff and students.  Since our Strengths Finder sessions with Beth, we use the strengths philosophy when organizing teams and in our day to day operations within our staff of 38.  I am very appreciative of Beth’s coaching and commitment to helping us grow as a team here at OSU.

Virginia Layton, OSU Director of Financial Services

Beth Flynn cares deeply about your leadership skills. There is no better guide for your learning journey.

Jim Canterucci, ELCircle

I’ve had the pleasure of co-facilitating numerous Strength workshops with Beth. She is a passionate facilitator who has a knack of bringing material to life through her enthusiasm, energy and knowledge, while leaving participants wanting to learn more about the subject matter. Beth has a unique ability to connect with everyone in the audience through her sincerity, strong communication skills and desire to educate all participants. I’ve learned so much from working with Beth. It’s always a delight!!

Lisa McCurdy, Education & Employement Manager

My first affiliation with the OSU Leadership Center was through Beth Flynn as a facilitator at an off-site StrenghtsFinders session in 2013 for our group of HR professionals from across the state.  Beth did a phenomenal job in presenting the information, engaging the group and linking the information to practical applications back at their work locations.  The session went so well that within a few weeks, we engaged the OSU Leadership Center, through Beth to explore a session for one of our employee groups.  We are also now working with the Center for another session, on a different topic for another HR group meeting.  This session was highly recommended by one of our members who was thrilled about the session she attended. I've been impressed by the knowledge shown, skill in presenting, ability to engage the attendees and the professionalism shown by Beth Flynn with the OSU Leadership Center.  We're looking forward to more collaboration with the Center and her, in particular!

Imogen Johnson, Human Resources Director

The Ohio Department of Transportation has taken advantage of the OSU 21st Century Leadership Series over the past two years to develop its leaders and improve their leadership skills. Participation in various offerings have provided a framework from which ODOT’s leaders build teams and more fully understand their team members.  Beth Flynn has skillfully led and conducted these workshops.  The benefits include enhanced leadership capabilities and highly productive teams.Specific offerings such as the Strength Finder Workshop, Spectrum Temperament Development, and Advanced Strength Development have been incorporated as offerings to ODOT’s Deputy Directors and Administrators.  When completed over 100 members of the ODOT Business & Human Resources (IT, Finance, HR, and Facilities & Equipment) Leadership Teams in Columbus, and District 4 (Akron, Canton and Youngstown) will have benefitted from the leadership workshops. These course offerings have improved our leaders’ capacities to help ODOT’s workforce become effective and efficient stewards of Ohio’s gas tax dollars.

Dave Coyle, ODOT

I attended Beth Flynn’s Strength-Finder workshop about two year ago but continue to use the skills Beth taught in the class.  It is my desire to take another one of her classes, as I found the information and lessons learned apply to work as well as everyday life.  The materials were stream-line but well thought out and helpful.  And Beth is a gem – such an amazing instructor!  I didn’t know her before the class, but it turns out that we are from the same hometown and some of my family knows her and she knows who they are also.  It’s nice to know that a small town girl is making a big difference at the largest university in the country!I hope you will keep the option to attend this class open.  It was well worth the $60.  I met new people from all areas of campus and learned from those new friends too.Thank your department for offering workshops that enhance every area of our lives.  

Janice M. Whitmire, Admin. Asst., OSU