Leadership Moments

You have NO idea how much I appreciate these Leadership moments.  Today's was particularly timely.

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I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate receiving the leadership moments.  MANY times in the past year when I have been faced with a difficult decision, tough task or just needed a work of inspiration I'd pull up a past Leadership Moment and voila!  There would be a one that would encourage me.

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Thank you for the wonderful work you do and the words of inspiration you share with all of us.

Leadership Moments Subscriber

I must say I truly appreciate these Leadership Moments.  They are the highlight of my week and I find them very informative.  There has not been a single one I have kept to myself.  I find this information so helpful that I forward it onto my colleagues as well.  Each week's topic seems to be pertinent to my own dealings or with someone I work with.

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Just wanted to thank you again for your leadership messages!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate them.  I distribute them to all of our new college hires in our technology leadership development program and to their coaches.  They have really made a difference in the development of these folks!

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 I just want to let you know that Leadership Moments are really helpful and motivating. They are very useful for me. I have always been waiting for these emails.

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I provide a biweekly electronic The Health at Work 4 All! newsletter, a collection of information from various sources that is intended to provide readers with information around workplace health and wellness issues as well as inspiration to build and enhance their leadership skills. The little tidbits from OSU “Leadership Moments” provide just the right amount of information to provide some guidance and material for thought but also the references for those wanting more!  Thanks for allowing me to use the information and to share it with my workplace contacts.

Sandy Richardson, Middlesex London Health Unit

I wanted to let you know how much the Leadership Moments have helped me in my role. I am an HR Generalist at a small company in Southern Ohio. I forward some of the Leadership Moments to our managers, and we have signed up supervisors for the leadership classes you offer. This is a big benefit in my role because Beth sends the information and it is quick and easy to review.

Tiffany Etling, HR Generalist

I have been reviewing Leadership Moments since 2011 and they are good reminders of very basic leadership philosophies that we sometimes forget in our busy day. So they have been great at keeping me grounded and focused as a leader. I share them here at HBH with all of leadership. Thank you!

Keiva Wyatt, Human Resource Director

A good friend introduced me to Leadership Moments years ago as a young professional. Through my bouncing around and eventually climbing the corporate ladder of success, Leadership Moments provided insights and thoughts for professional meditation. The weekly blurbs of checklists or notional stories remind me of the qualities, attitude, words, and actions needed by me, a young, successful leader in my daily life. Thank you for Leadership Moments and keep them alive!

Robert E. Jones