Leadership Moments

Beth Flynn came out to the Newark campus to do a Civility workshop. It was very helpful and because of that I learned about Leadership Moments and signed up for them. I usually find something useful in each segment. Very informative, concise, please continue!

Terri Jackson, OSU Chemistry Lab Supervisor

I am a graduate of two leadership programs, and I helped to co-found one and improve another. The information that I have been getting from the OSU Leadership Moments has proved invaluable. There are some leaders that like to read about the ways one can improve and I like to have that information on hand to help encourage that particularly among young people. I forward the information to people I know who are grateful and I feel good about having done so. Thanks for this wonderful service!

Paul Bernheimer, Leadership Cincinnati

Beth Flynn’s Leadership Moments provide very helpful leadership insights.  They are short, so I read them even when I am busy, and they reference a quality leadership resource so I can delve further into the topic when I wish.  They raise my knowledge and practice of leadership excellence.

Cathie Leimbach, Agon Leadership

I consider Leadership Moments as an ongoing “slice” of my professional development.  Not only have they been of benefit to me, but I have taken the occasional opportunity to share with my staff and with other colleagues across the country.  Thank you for these valued quick moments in the day.

Rose Wilson-Hill

I have been an avid reader of the OSU Leadership Moments for many years now.  I always try and read every submission.  I find the topics thought provoking and relevant.  In today’s hectic world there is always more information and external stimulus trying to gain one’s attention that there is time to consume.  The information presented in the Leadership Moments helps me grow as a person and as a leader and therefor continue to make a habit of reading every submission.

Dave Celek, GM of Rimrock Corporation

I would like to offer my testimonial about receiving Leadership Moments. I am a huge fan. I really enjoy that introduce me to new books on leadership. The suggested books have been amazing and I feel that they have helped me look at issues in a whole new manner and honed my leadership skills to make me into the type of leader who people want to follow. Thank you for the services you offer.

Marie Robinette, Central Ohio Trauma System

I do enjoy reading your Leadership Moments. I often print and post them by my computer. They provide me the opportunity to reflect during a busy day. Thank you.

Reshma Desai

Have subscribed to Leadership Moments for MANY years – for inspiration, for reflection, for sharing.  The short articles often prompt me to look for a resource and read more.  I’ve “collected” favorites and file by subject – handy reminders of things I want to practice or aspire to.

Christine Kniep, Family Living Educator

I’ve been receiving OSU Leadership “Link” since paper copies circa 2003~ always found them thought provoking and interesting.  And they’re often helpful and entertaining~ ie the “Ubuntu Philosophy”.  I look forward to your “e-Moments” because they’re short and sweet.  Even read a couple book suggestions!  Tips often just seem to be “on-time” delivery for that office moment!  This is one email that often leaves a positive emotional wake!  Thanks, and here’s to the Moment~ 

Holly Hambric, Extension Education Assistant

As an HR Manager of a large automotive company, I frequently forward the OSU Leadership tips onto our supervisory staff.  Although a lot of times the content may seem basic or common sense like, it is good for people to take a moment and think about themselves and how their leadership is perceived by those they supervise.

Kim Schumm, HR Manager, Alex Products Inc.