Leadership Moments

I am writing to endorse the “Leadership Moments” that I only recently started receiving approximately 6 months ago as a participant of our Leadership Guernsey program. I have been in administration for the past decade and have learned much over the years. However, the more I learn the more I realize that I have much to learn. These emails help me reflect on my actions independently and when working with others both within my agency and in the public. I should note that I receive multiple emails throughout the day that I barely skim through let alone read. However, this is one email that I take the time to read;  reflect upon and often times, share with my colleagues. I hope that it continues to be available in the future!

Rainy Oliver, Director, Guernsey Counseling Center

I have been on the mailing list for the leadership moments series for years.  It’s amazing how often the topic that is addressed is just the right information I needed that day.  I always find something useful I can apply in my work managing a team in educational technology.  

Eva Bradshaw, Director, Fisher College of Business

I would like to continue receiving leadership moments as there are many helpful reminders and in some cases, new concepts within them that I can share with my leadership peers.  We incorporate what we find useful. 

Renee Kimbell, Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor

I read Leadership Moments regularly and I often bring up postings at our Marketing Meetings in the Center for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.  One particular posting talked of the Eight Commandments of Ideation, and I try to start every meeting with this mindset to avoid the stifling of creativity and new ideas.   Thank you so much for this service!

Rebecca Bias, Assistant Director, CLLC

Leadership Minutes are used monthly with staff training in Orleans Parish.  I have also incorporated it into various leader training with local community groups.  Thanks for making them available!

Beth Gambel, Orleans Parish 4-H Coordinator

Life is busy.  The Leadership Moments are a refreshing breath of air.  The articles are brief, insightful and give us new ideas and suggestions of looking to strengthen our leadership skills.  Thank you!  

Karen Dickrell