Foundational Leadership Certificate

Foundational Leadership Certificate

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High performing leaders are essential to the success of an organization. A high performing leader has a keen self-awareness, the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, and can build, strengthen, and gain optimal performance from teams.

The OSU Leadership Center wants to help you develop the skills needed to be a high performing leader through gaining the Foundational Leadership Certificate.

The Foundational Leadership Certificate allows you the opportunity to further your education, personally develop, create relationships with other industry professionals, and grow as a leader within the workplace. This will express to your employer your dedication to professional development and exhibit your efforts to creating an efficient and productive environment. Throughout the workshops required, one-on-one attention will be given to address your individual strengths and weaknesses in order to create a personalized and effective experience. 

The Concept

We believe that the path to be a high performing leader must start with you as an individual and then move into your role in the team/organization. The goals of the Certificate will focus on the:

Individual – Leadership begins within an individual, through gaining self-awareness about one’s strengths/weaknesses, the ability to adapt to change and how one views the world given their personality style. 

  • We reach these goals by gaining self-awareness from completing assessments, taking sessions and workshops, and learning about one’s perspective.

Team/Organization – After gaining a better understanding of self, an individual can better contribute to their team and their organization.

  • We will explore strategies for influencing your team while you make an impactful contribution to your organization. 

Experience Includes 

The following is included in the Foundational Certificate program: 

Intake Meeting 

We hope to learn more about you and what you hope to gain from this program. This time will also be used to match you with your individual leadership coach. 

Leadership Audit

With the help of the audit, we will be able to tailor the program to your specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses. This will include previous education and work history. 

Five Workshops 

This Certificate requires you to complete a total of five workshops: three with the topic of self-awareness workshops and two discussing teams/ organization. You have the opportunity to select these workshops from a qualifying list. 

Two Individual Coaching Sessions 

You will meet with your personal leadership coach twice throughout the program. Here, time will be taken to identify your professional goals, receive feedback, analyze assessment results, learn more about topics covered within workshops, and so much more. 

Personal Leadership Profile 

The Personal Leadership Profile is an all-encompassing document that holistically analyzes and reviews the following: education highlights, work history, assessment results and implications, potential areas of growth, personal reflections, analysis linking insights, overall strengths and opportunities analysis, leadership development plan. 


$2500  ($2250 for OSU employees) 


In order to register, please CLICK HERE. Then, fill out the following INTAKE DOCUMENT and email it to Jennifer Pettibone

Qualifying Workshops 

Participants must complete a total of at least five workshops and complete two personal coaching sessions with a Leadership Center team member. 

Self-Awareness (choose 3)

Team/Organization (choose 2)

Applying Your Personality Type to Build Your Leadership Skills (MBTI)

Team Dynamics 

Change Style Preference: Strengthening Your Capacity to Lead Self & Others through Change

Effective Meeting Facilitation (counts as two workshops)

Communicating to be Understood

Leading from Wherever You Are

Leadership Compass

Mission Possible: Positive Leadership



Problem Solving, Teamwork, and Creativity for Success


Flex your Leadership Style (DISC)  

Workshop Descriptions

If you have taken one of the following workshops within the last three years from the OSU Leadership Center, and you do not wish to re-take them, please make our staff aware. This will then be marked as such towards the completion of your Certificate. However, you will not be refunded for this prior credit. 

Registration and available workshops can be viewed on our Calendar

Self-Awareness (choose 3) 

  • Applying Your Personality Type to Build Your Leadership Skills (MBTI) 

Moving from recognizing and understanding to appreciating and effectively using differences is a challenge because we all have a natural bias. for our own way of seeing things and making decisions. It can be hard to recognize our own biases, especially when they are reinforced by the cultural attitudes within which we live and work. Taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) inventory will help you identify your unique gifts. The information enhances understanding of yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths, and your potential areas for growth.

  • Change Style Preference: Strengthening Your Capacity to Lead Self & Others through Change

Change is both inevitable and frightening but can also help increase a team’s efficiency if handled correctly. Are you equipped with the necessary tools to effectively handle change within your team? Discover your change style preference and learn how to recognize and understand others’ change preferences to achieve more success in times of flux. 

  • Communicating to be Understood 

How we communicate with each other, whether it is a co-worker or spouse, can make or break a relationship. In this workshop we will explore how people communicate differently, and how you can use your strengths to build relationships with your team and increase people's feeling of being heard.  

  • Leadership Compass 

How well do you know yourself? Self-awareness is essential to be a good leader. When you understand who you are; your talents, beliefs, and skills, you are better prepared to not only lead yourself, but others too. The Compass is based on the Native American Indian tradition of the Medicine Wheel or the Four-Fold Way.

  • CliftonStrengths

The first session within this workshop is a personal coaching session and will be recognized as such for the completion of the Certificate. According to the Gallup Organization, "we spend too much time focusing on our weaknesses, trying to make them stronger rather than recognizing our strengths."  When you focus on your weaknesses, you miss out on utilizing what you do best for your organization.  

  • Problem-Solving, Teamwork and Creativity for Success 

Teamwork can be hard! Have you ever been frustrated with a team member and how they approach a task? Why do they problem solve differently than you? Why some people think “inside the box” and others can’t even “see the box?” The Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI) is a way to look at an individual’s problem-solving style and creativity in effort to gain personal awareness. 

  • Flex your Leadership Style (DISC)

The foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding self, understanding others and realizing the impact of personal behavior on the people around you. DISCflexTM provides an insight into an individual’s style that can help predict the likely trends of their behavior in the future. It does this by evaluating four key factors in an individual style (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance). This report not only provides an assessment of the individual employee but offers a 360o view based on input from coworkers, family and friends.

Team/ Organization (choose 2) 

  • Team Dynamics 

Dynamic teams are vital to the success of the organization, it signifies that the employees are working towards a shared vision. So many teams struggle to overcome challenges that may keep them from achieving these share goals. Dynamic teams capitalize on the strengths of each member. 

  • Effective Meeting Facilitation (counts as two workshops) 

Have you ever left a meeting where the group’s decision still didn’t feel right or where everyone still wasn’t on the same page? This training will provide you techniques for helping groups work through thinking and decision making of important ideas and difficult conversations. You will learn how to be effective at facilitating people through processes that provide useful information and data in making decisions and developing ownership over those decisions.

  • Leading from Wherever You Are 

You may be seen as a leader within your team, despite your job title. Leaders need to build positive relationships with others throughout all levels of the company or organization. Awareness surrounding what is important to others and then helping to achieve such goals is what makes the difference between a follower and leader. In doing so, trust is formed and the opportunity to make a multidimensional difference becomes possible. 

  • Mission Possible: Positive Leadership 

Are you a positive leader? Organizations that have a positive culture are more productive, have happier employees, and most importantly, happy and satisfied customers. No matter what the current situation is, or who is causing the negativity in your organization/team, it is vital that you create positive strategies that keep the team/organization strong.


For this certificate, participants are required to complete two coaching sessions. 

The first session will be utilized to set professional goals, both for the short-term and long-term. In talking with your personal coach, you will be given feedback and suggestions to further tailor this Certificate to your needs. 

During the final coaching session, your personal assessment results will be discussed, individual concerns can be addressed, and further action steps identified. Your coach will work with you to set futuristic and realistic goals for your professional development in order to increase the depth of your leadership knowledge. They will also help you apply what you have learned into your team, company, or organization.

More Information 

For more information or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Jennifer Pettibone ( 

Foundational Leadership Certificate Information - PDF

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