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Team Building

The team building resources presented on our site come from Building Dynamic Groups, a kit developed by three OSU Extension professionals: Barbara Brahm, Beth Flynn, and Nancy Stehulak.  The activites they developed can be used with staff, committees, boards, collaborations, partnerships, coalitions, ad hoc groups, task forces, and other groups to build their inner relationships, become dynamic, and function at their best. 

Funding for this project was provided through the Community Development Group of Ohio State University Extension

Team Building
Animal Description PDF
Back to Back PDF
The Black Spot PDF
Broken Squares PDF
Bull Ring PDF
Candy Corn Craze PDF
Coat of Arms PDF
Drawing Bugs PDF
     Drawing Bugs Handout PDF
Group Juggling PDF
Group Sit PDF
Habits and Expectations PDF
Human Knot PDF
Lincoln Log Activity PDF
Magic Carpet Ride PDF
Marble Pass PDF
One Up, One Down PDF
The Spider Web PDF
Stump Jumping PDF
Swamp Island Maze PDF
Telephone PDF
Towers PDF
Values Name Tag PDF
A Way out of the Activity Trap PDF
Win as Much as You Can PDF
     Win as Much as You Can Tally Sheet PDF
Words PDF
Ice Breakers
Are You More Like... PDF
Are You Really Looking at Me? PDF
Feeling Hands PDF
Front Lean PDF
Giants, Wizards and Elves PDF
Imaginary Ball Toss PDF
Knee to Knee PDF
Let's Talk PDF
The Number Game PDF
The One-Minute Praise PDF
Who Are You? PDF

Activites reviewed by: Chester Bowling, PhD.
Extension Specialist, Community
Leadership and Management,
Ohio State University Extension